Girls Can Propose Too

It was the worst day of his life when his parents died in an accident. He was a 10-year-old little boy who was an orphan. After the death of his parents, he was raised by his uncle and aunt. Thus, his uncle and aunty cared for him a lot but still, he always felt alone. He was quiet even in school and had few friends With whom he used to talk occasionally. 

The boy’s name was Abrar. It was Abrar’s last day of school and his college life was about to start from now. His whole class was enjoying the fair well party while he sat in a corner very quietly. A classmate of his named Nimra knew his family background very well. Both Abrar and Nimra’s fathers were working on a partnership during the days when their parents met with an accident.

Nimra knew Abrar but never went deep enough to tell him that his parents were friends. And she also knew what mental state Abrar was going through, that’s why she often talked to him. Abrar also liked Nimra talking to him. Even during the party on the last day of school, when Nimra saw Abrar sitting silently, she set near him. Nimra started the conversation.

Nimra: Why are you sitting silently in a corner? Is there anything you can share with me, maybe I can give a solution for it. 

Abrar: No, nothing like that, just my heart was not in the mood to enjoy.

Nimra: Well, if you don’t want to have fun, let’s eat something, maybe you’ll be in a better mood.

Abrar: No I’m not hungry please leave me alone.

Nimra: I will not leave you alone at any cost. Come on, get up, let’s eat something.

Nimra forcefully picked him up and took her towards the dining table, Where the party food was arranged. In half an hour they ate and during that time they talked more about taking admission to college. At the end of the talk, Abrar thanked Nimra and said, “Thank you, I am delighted to talk to you.” Nimra gladly accepted his thank you.

Within two weeks, their school examinations were completed and both were admitted to the same college. Nimra has been quite successful in keeping Abrar happy. Abrar now began to share everything from his heart with Nimra. He often tells Nimra about his parents’ accident and gets sad. Nimra consoled him and said, Look, these are the decisions of Allah, don’t be sad. We all have to go to Allah Almighty one day. You just pray for your parents. Abrar used to smile patiently at her words.

At that time, both of them were sitting in their college class taking lectures. There used to be non-stop lectures in their college, due to which they needed more time to have lunch. Days passed and the friendship between them also grew. Nothing was hidden between them. Abrar’s uncle and aunty also calmed down after seeing a positive change in him. It was a great battle fought by Nimra. 

Abrar would often take Nimra to her aunt and uncle’s house and talk to them a lot. Similarly, Abrar’s aunt liked Nimra very much and she wanted Abrar and Nimra to marry each other. She knew that Nimra was the only girl who could make Abrar happy in his future as well. She had already thought that she would discuss this topic alone with Abrar. At night when Abrar was preparing for his sleep, Aunty went to his room.

Aunty: Abrar I want to talk to you can I?

Abrar: Yes, Aunty of course you can.

Aunty: Dear Abrar, I know you miss your parents a lot. And in the last 12 years, you never spend a day without missing them. But I Have seen that after your friendship with Nimra you start smiling, and you want to leave happily. 

Abrar: Aunty what did you want to say?

Aunty: I want to say, You should marry Nimra.

Abrar: What?

Aunty: Yes, I want you to marry Nimra because she is the one who’ll make you happy and support you in every problem of your life. 

Abrar:  My dear auntie you are thinking too much. There is nothing like that between us.

Aunty: Only you are saying that. If you ask Nimra, she will tell you that she loves you because I have seen love for you in her eyes.

Abrar: How do you know she loves me?

Aunty: I believe because no girl is as sincere to a friend as she is to you.  Trust me she loves you that’s why she cares for you.

Abrar: Well, if you say so, I will ask her about that. 

Aunty: Will you ask Nimra if she loves you or not?

Abrar: You just told me to ask her if she loves me.

Aunty: HAHAHAH…..I am not saying that you should directly ask her whether she loves you or not, but I am saying that you should propose to her.  First, tell me if you have any feelings about her. 

Abrar lowered his eyes and smiled saying yes I love her. Because she is my best friend and I have shared everything with her. I don’t know what love feels like, but I just want to say that if I don’t have her, I don’t feel good at all. She is an important part of my life that held me when I was all alone. He is an important part of my life that held me when I was all alone.

Seeing Abrar happy, his aunt also smiled and prayed for her child’s happiness. She knew how quiet Abrar had been since childhood, but since Nimra came to him, he had completely changed and she wanted him to always be happy like that. That’s why she wanted Nimra and Abrar to get married so that they could always be together. 

The next day, after being free from college, when they were both walking home, Abrar suddenly mentioned Nimra. 

Abrar: I have something important to say to you. Are you free to listen to me?

Nimra: Do you need to ask me if I can listen to you or not? Of course, I am free for my bestie. 

Abrar: Well, I want you to get a bit serious because this is going to be a serious talk. 

Nimra: Ohhhhhh!!!! OK, Abrar Sir wants to talk about something serious. 

Abrar: Yes of course I want you to be in serious mode while listening to me.

Nimra: OK BOSS….

Abrar: Nimra do you love me? Nimra laughed loudly at his direct questioning.

Nimra: Are you serious or joking?

Abrar: Didn’t I tell you at the beginning that this will be serious?

Nimra: Yes, you said that, but I didn’t know that you would directly ask this question.

Abrar: So ok I ask once again Nimra do you love me?

Nimra: What kind of confession of love is this? She was in a sad mood and started walking on the road again.

Abrar: Seeing Nimra going like this, Abrar blocked her way.  why are you getting angry, I was asking you about your feelings. 

Nimra: Love is not a game and you are asking if I like a sports game or not.

Abrar: When he saw that Nimra was angry, he held his ears and said” SORRY. You know what kind of person I am. Look, I can’t even propose to you.

Nimra: She laughs seeing his crying face and says to Abrar ok ok stop crying.

She thought that I proposed to Abrar myself and got down on her knees.  Mr. Abrar I love you so much will you marry me?? When Abrar saw Nimra sitting on her knees like this, he smiled loudly and immediately lifted Nimra. Now don’t do it, I love you too, there is no doubt about it. After that Nimra and Abrar held hands and they were running on the road towards their beautiful destinations.


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