Hidden Love Brings Happiness

It was 2016 when I was a little girl 13 years old and I was studying in class 8. I had two elder brothers who went to college at that time. Being a small child in the house, I was very pampered and even my father fulfilled my every wish. My mother loved me the most among my siblings. 

So it started here when my two elder brothers had their first day of college. My brother’s classmate who lived a short distance from our house came to pick them up. He was sitting in the upper room of our house waiting for my brothers. I didn’t know that he was sitting there and I just opened the door. As soon as I opened the door, the person I saw was a very handsome young boy. As soon as I opened the door, I closed it because I didn’t know him.

After that, I ran downstairs and asked my brother who was sitting in the upstairs room.  My elder brother replied that he was our friend and he had come to pick us up, his name was Rohan. After that, I controlled my heartbeat and left for my school. On the way from home to school, I was constantly thinking about this boy. It was not my age, but I felt that I might be in love with this boy Or better to say he had become my latest crush. 

Rohan started picking up my brothers every day and I started waiting for him. I loved watching him.  Two years passed and my brother’s college session was over now they had to be admitted to the university. And here I was also admitted to the college. I was 15 now but my feelings were still there. I started writing a diary called Rohan in which I used to share my daily feelings with him. I was now constantly sad because I could no longer see him. 

And then once during the university break when my brother came home, he brought Rohan with him. That day me and Rohan had a conversation. Rohan used to treat me like a younger sister while he was unaware of my feelings. Two years passed and every university break he used to come to our house and we would have a little chat. This time when he came home for university break, I talked to my brothers about university admission.

After the mutual decision of my parents and brothers, I got admission to the same university where my brothers were studying. I was very happy because I could see him every day. It was the first day of my university and it was Rohan who guided me the most. My two elder brothers were taking their classes while Rohan was giving me a tour of the entire university. He was a handsome as well as very polite boy.

My university classes started from the next week and I only had a little chat with Rohan. I exchanged numbers with Rohan so that we could chat occasionally. The first semester of my university was very good but at the start of the second semester when I was called for a presentation, one of my classmates insulted me. I took this to heart and started crying

After finishing the presentation, I went to the empty area and found a free bench there. I sat there and started crying. Rohan was standing somewhere far away and was watching all this. He came to me and asked me why I was crying. I didn’t answer and got up from there. He held my hand made me sit down and asked again that I asked you what happened and why are you crying.

I did not reply to his repeated questions and just got up saying that I was having pain. After getting up from the bench, my diary fell, which was picked up by Rohan. Ruhan called me but I left very quietly. When I reached the hostel, I did not have my diary in my luggage and I was quite worried. After about ten minutes I get a call from Rohan saying that I have your diary. I asked very curiously if you read that diary. Yes, I have read your diary and I know everything.  Now you have to answer my every question because I want to meet you tomorrow after university.

My heart beat faster and I kept thinking about what I would say in response to him. The next day when I was free from the university I went back to the hostel. Rohan followed me for a while and then grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him. We were so close to each other that we could even hear each other’s heartbeat. He came close to my ear and asked if what was written in the diary was true.

I looked into Rohan’s eyes and answered yes. I did not know from where I got such courage but at that time I had expressed my love. Rohan kissed my forehead and hugged me. You know, Aditi, I have read every single word written in your diary. I blushed and looked at him with a smile. After that Rohan held my hand and we started walking on the road together.