Love Can Change Your Thoughts Part 2

Asim: This is not the reason to deny it.
Fiza: I am not denying but I am telling you the reality.

Asim: So then you keep in mind that this is not reality at all because I love you and I don’t care at all about where you live and what you do. And if you love me too, believe me, I will use every power in the world to take you.

Fiza: Yes, I love you but I am afraid because my parents will never agree to this marriage.

Asim: But why they will not agree to our marriage

Fiza: Because we don’t have marriages outside the family here and whoever does is buried alive.

Asim: What kind of rule is it that if a person falls in love with someone, he is buried alive?

Fiza: I don’t know, but when I was little, my Aunty was treated to the same thing because she fell in love with a very out-of-caste person and was buried alive.

Asim: Ok don’t get tensed I will handle everything, Believe me, I love you very much and assure you that I will marry you and make you mine forever.

The talk ends and both go to sleep. The next morning both get up and get busy with their respective tasks. Fiza helps her mother with the household chores while Asim goes to university. There is no communication between the two for the next two days as Asim is in his final year of university and he gets busy with his finals.

After two days of not talking, Fiza felt that Asim might be ignoring her and did not want to talk to her. But this misunderstanding was quickly cleared when on the third night, Asim sent a message saying I am sorry, I was very busy with my final examination, so I could not talk to you. Fiza read this message and smiled and replied it’s ok, focus on your exam.

In the same way, Asim remained busy for the next two weeks. But sometimes he used to talk to Fiza via voice message or sample text message.  After getting free from his examination, Asim makes a video call to Fiza. He was in the mood to have a long talk with her. At first it was a normal conversation, then Asim started the topic of marriage and told her that if her family didn’t agree, we would run away and get married.

Fiza was satisfied with Asim’s affirmation and she knew that her family would never allow her to marry Asim. He asked Asim what will you do so that I can run away from this house. Asim starts telling her about the plan he made. The next morning, Asim took the location of her house and started his journey towards his village. He had set out in his mind that he would either take the fiza with him or die there. 

According to his plan, Asim damaged a tire of his car as soon as he entered the village of Fiza. Mian Sahib was approached to solve any kind of problems in the village. As he had damaged the tire of his car and it was late at night, the people of the village took him straight to Mian Sahib’s house. Mian Sahib was Fiza’s father and was counted among the toughest MNAs in his village. But he was famous for his hospitality and help for their guests. 

Asim introduced himself as a guest and entered their house. At noon he messaged Fiza that I had entered your house now it was time to start our plan B. Fiza immediately replied to his message ok then tell me what to do. Both of them chose a place by mutual decision where they both had to meet and then run away from there. 

After about half an hour, both of them were present at the place they had decided. It was the first time that both of them had seen each other so closely. After that, Fiza said to Asim that standing there was not without danger, we had to run away from there immediately. Fiza advised him to leave through the back gate and both of them silently left through the back gate in about fifteen minutes. 

As soon as they passed the gate, both of them turned their steps towards the car, and within two minutes they started their new journey together. Asim had told Fiza that the first thing he would do in the morning would be to get married. He wanted that if God willing they were caught, at least they would have the right to decide to choose and defend each other.

The journey from Multan to Lahore was completed in about 3 to 4 hours, and in the morning they found a Nikah Khawa. Both of them willingly accepted each other in their marriage. So far only Fiza Asim’s mother and some of Asim’s best friends knew about this marriage.  Asim’s father had passed away, so Asim took this step with the support of his mother. Asim tells his mother every single thing about Fiza’s background even that he loves Fiza very much and wants to have her at any cost.

Seeing her son’s happiness, Asim’s mother supports him. Asim’s mother welcomed her daughter-in-law very well and treated her like her real daughter. On the other hand, Fiza’s family was constantly trying to find him, but still, they could not find any kind of proof. Then one day Asim posted some pictures of his and Fiza’s wedding at Fiza’s house.

Along with the picture was a letter in which it was written that your daughter is very happy with me and if you want to do anything wrong with us, remember that we both can file a case against you because We both are very happy together.  Those days passed and after that, Fiza’s family never tried to contact or talk to Asim and Fiza. Both Fiza and Asim were very happy until two little twin girls were born in their house.