Love Can Change Your Thoughts Part 1 

Fiza was scrolling through Facebook as usual when she suddenly received a friend request. Fiza almost rejected the friend request but this was the only friend request she accepted immediately. In the front profile was a handsome boy named Asim. To satisfy her curiosity, she started browsing his profile and saw that the guy was based in Lahore. He was also a university-going student with a BS in Computer Science. 

Three minutes after the friend request is accepted, she receives a message in the inbox. Fiza immediately replies to his message. After that, there is a short conversation between the two, and both go offline. Fiza was a girl living in a small village in Multan, Pakistan. Talking to a boy was considered a big deal among them. And Fiza had never talked to a boy before but this time she might not be able to control herself. 

She was not able to know why she accepted the boy’s request and talked further. Perhaps this girl’s personality was so effective that she had to accept the request and reply to her message. The main reason for this was the boy’s personality. The next day when both are online, Asim’s notification blinks in the inbox again. Fiza replied to his message and went offline again. 

Asif started typing the message asking what are you doing? The message was delivered but not yet seen. After about an hour when Faiza came online, she sent a message and replied that I was working with my mother at my house. She also typed a message asking what she was doing. The reply came immediately. I am currently completing my studies.

Asim: Don’t you go to university?

Fiza: No, girls are not sent to university here.

Asim: But why so?

Fiza: Because here, boys are taught more so that they can grow up to work and take care of their own homes. 

Asim: So don’t girls have the right to be promoted too?

Fiza: No, girls are also taught, but we are allowed to study only up to matriculation.

Asim: Oh well, it means that you have studied up to matriculation.

Fiza: Yes, Alhamdulillah I have done matriculation study, and apart from that I have also done computer courses.

Asim: Wow this is very good.

In this way, small talk continued between them and they both went offline again. The next day, their conversation started again and it had moved from Facebook to WhatsApp. They had been talking for about five or six months. Talks had reached through messages to voice calls. When everyone went to sleep at night, Fiza used to talk to Asim in silence. On the other hand, there was Asim who was a very cheerful type of boy.

He started to consider Fiza as his best friend and used to share everything about his university with her. Days passed into months and months into years and their friendship had been almost two years. The mode of communication between the two was now that they used to talk via video calls instead of voice calls. Asim often showed her everything from the main gate of his university to the class on the video call.

And then one day suddenly Asim was offline for a long time and did not come online. Fiza got quite worried and started calling her on his mobile phone. Fiza made call after call but no one picked up the call. Fiza became very disturbed and tears started flowing from her eyes.

On the other hand, Asim had an accident and was admitted to the hospital, due to which his mobile phone was switched off. After being discharged from the hospital, when Asim turned on his mobile phone, he saw that there had been countless calls and messages from Fiza. He made a video call to her within 1 minute which was received in the next second. 

On the other hand, Fiza was worried and asked him where you were and why you were not receiving my call. You don’t know how worried I was. I know you are worried but I had an accident and I was admitted to the hospital so I could not inform you.

Fiza: What do you mean you had an accident and you didn’t even tell me?

Asim: How can I tell you that I was admitted to the hospital,  I was discharged from the hospital today and I am calling you first.

Fiza: Are there more injuries in the accident?

Asim: Yes, one of my arms was fractured and I also had a lot of head injuries.

Fiza: As soon as Fiza read this message from Asim, she started crying.

Asim: Seeing Fiza crying, Asim asked why are you crying, the accident happened to me, didn’t it?

Fiza: Shut up, couldn’t you drive carefully? If something happened to you, tell me what I would do, who I would talk to, who I would share my belongings with.

Asim: So you would have found another friend.

Fiza: No, no way, you are my best friend and I don’t even want to be friends with anyone. 

Asim: do you love me?

After reading Asim’s message, Fiza went offline and did not respond. The next day, the two start talking again. Asim starts the talk with the same topic on which the night talk ended. 

Asim: Look, I’m serious Fiza and I’m asking you if you love me.

Fiza: If I say yes, what will you do?

Asim: I will marry you.

Fiza: But why will you marry me?

Asim: It’s not a matter of asking why should I marry you, of course, I love you, that’s why I want to marry you. 

Fiza: Shocked!!!
Asim: I wanted to propose to you three or four days before my accident but I was afraid of your response.

Fiza: Silent……

Asim: Why are you sitting silent? Say something.

Fiza: I think that it can’t be as you think, you are an educated person while I live in a small village.