Marriages Need Understanding

It was Payal and Dav’s 10th wedding anniversary. Like the last five years, this year too, Dev had forgotten about this marriage anniversary. While it was a love marriage for both of them and now Dev started running away from her and started ignoring her. The main reason for this barrier between them was the lack of children. In the past 10 years, they could not have children due to which Dev now didn’t like Payal as before. 

Payal was just sitting in her bed crying recalling her love story from 10 years ago. She still remembered everything when they used to sit in the university and talk to each other for hours. She was surprised to see how a person who loved her so much could change so suddenly. Not having children was not in his power at all, so why did he start running away from her?

She started thinking once again and said to herself, “Does the Dev not love me, will he leave me?” No, he can’t leave me, he loves me, doesn’t he? He asked herself once again. But his mind kept taking him back to the pictures he got from an Unknown number. She could see Dev with another girl in these pictures. They both looked very happy. Looking at the pictures, it looked like a very happy married couple. 

There was nothing in Payal’s hand, she was just crying. She had been in true love with Dev for a long time and because of that love she had endured all these things till now, but now it had almost gone beyond the limit. Her partner cheated on her with a different female. She could not bear this thing, so she decided to talk to her husband tonight. 

When Dev reached home late at night, Payal was awake. Seeing him awake, he asked Payal why she was not asleep yet. Payal, instead of answering her, started looking into her eyes. On Payal looking like this, Dev asks why are you looking at me like this, has something happened? 

On Dev’s repeated questioning, Payal turned on his mobile and showed him the picture he had received some time ago. Dev’s eyes widened as he saw the pictures. He could not utter a single word in his testimony. Dev knew he was wrong. He started thinking in his mind that Payall had come to know about my second marriage. 

Now Dev tried to connect his words to speak, but Paya spoke before him. If you can have an affair with another girl despite being your wife, then I am sure you would have married that girl. By not having a child, you ruined your married life so much that you had to remarry. Look, Mr. Dev, I want a divorce from you. I don’t want to be with you with a man who has an affair with another girl despite being his wife.

What kind of person will he be who does not even remember that today is his 10th wedding anniversary? I want to divorce you as soon as possible. Without hearing anything from Dev, she entered the room and started packing her things. Within about 1 hour she had come out of the house and now she was standing on the road and calling for a taxi.

Within a week Dev had sent him Divorce papers. Both signed these papers and went their separate ways. It had been two years since their divorce and now Paya had started working in an office. Payal was working as a manager in this office. After working in this office for a year, Payal got a promotion to a bigger post and thus her office also changed. The owner of the office where Payal was transferred was his senior from high school. As soon as the senior found out that the female candidate transferred to his office was Payal, he called Payal to his room through the call ring.

Both eyes met and a glimpse of the past appeared in front of both. The senior’s name was Rahul and he had a crush on Payal since high school and even proposed to her. To whose proposal Payal had not given any reply. Because Pyal had to transfer to another school for some reason. 

Rahul explained the task to Payal and she came out of the room. After getting out, Bayle thought about that day for a long time and now she didn’t want to leave the office because she needed the job so badly. On the other hand, there was Rahul who was still very much in love with Payal and was not even married. He was so deeply in love with Payal that he had no interest in any other girl.

He could not find out which school Payal had transferred to and where she was till now. But now that she was in front of his eyes, he couldn’t control himself. He had made up his mind that he would propose to Payal within a couple of weeks. As the days went by, Payal continued to do her work. She was happy thinking that Rahul had forgotten all those things so she started concentrating on her work.

But this idea of ​​her was about to be proved wrong. It had been a month since Payal worked in Rahul’s office. All the candidates were to have their salaries transferred today. In the same way, Payal also got his salary transferred and soon after. Soon after, Rahul called her to his room. Hello, did you receive your salary? Payal replied yes sir I received my salary. 

She was about to leave the room when Rahul addressed her and said: Miss Payal, you can’t go home early because you have to do some work with me tonight. After that, Payal listened and she said yes and left the room. 

After 10:00, when all the candidates had gone back to their homes, Payal moved to Rahul’s office. She wanted to ask Rahul what work she had to do to stay here tonight. As soon as he took his first step into Rahul’s office,  there was darkness everywhere. Addressing Rahul, she called him, Sir, are you here? The next moment the whole room was lit up with lights and roses were everywhere.

Taking slow steps, Rahul came closer to Payal and sat on his knees. He took out the ring from his pocket and while putting it on he said that Payal would marry me. As soon as Payal regained her senses she pushed the ring back saying no I can’t marry you. I am already married and divorced so I can’t marry you sorry please forgive me.

It happened to Rahul for the second time when his proposal was not accepted. After hearing Payal’s words, he was shocked. Have you been married before and what are you saying that you have also been divorced? Yes, I am married, and due to not having children, I have also divorced my husband, that is why I am saying that I cannot marry you.

But Rahat was as stubborn as he was now in any situation. He just wanted to marry Payal, not interested in whether she would be able to give birth to children or not. Look,  Payal, I love you and as far as children are concerned it is in the hands of God. And I don’t care if you are already married, I just love you and want to marry you.

I have been waiting for this day for a long time.I looked for you everywhere after high school but you were nowhere to be found and till today I’m just waiting for you. Please accept my proposal and marry me, I promise I will be with you forever. Hearing this, Payal’s eyes are filled with tears and she answers yes. In response to Payal’s yes, Rahul put on the ring in his hand and kissed her on the forehead.

They have been married for 3 years now and have a little son named Balu. And Rahul had rightly said that having or not having children is in the hands of God. They both loved each other very much and the sign of this was their son.