Fairy Tale Proposal | Ranbir and Anushka

Ranbir and Anushka were childhood friends. Both studied together till 8th standard and their house was also near. Then one day Anushka’s parents shifted to another side of the same city and that night they both cried a lot. But the best thing is that both of them were also in touch with each other.

Their friendship was very popular among their teachers and classmates. Their friendship started when Anushka started crying on the first day of school and Ranbir was the one who made her smile. And then soon their friendship turned into a best friends. Both of them were very fond of painting and they used to save the moments spent from their childhood till now in the form of paintings in their books.

Anushka used to bring two lunch boxes, one for herself and one for Ranbir. Even Anushka’s mother knew about Ranbir’s likes and dislikes. Time passed and they both entered the 10th standard. With time, their ages also increased. Both of them used to talk to each other on messages, but now their talks were getting longer. Their talks did not end till late at night but they only considered each other as best friends.

This was going to prove quite wrong for Anushka. Anushka had a special feeling for Ranbir in her heart but she could not have the courage to tell Ranbir about it. On the last day of school, Ranbir tells Anushka that he is going to propose to a girl from his class. Suddenly Anushka did not understand this. But as soon as Ranbir went on stage and started proposing to the girl. 

Anushka was heartbroken and was adamant that she would not let Ranbir propose to the girl under any circumstances. Anushka pressed the glass in her hand so hard that it broke in her hand. When Ranbir saw blood coming out of Anushka’s hand, he ran to her from the stage and grabbed her. He asked Anushka what did you do, she just started smiling. When Ranbir asks Nushka why she is smiling, she doesn’t reply and hugs him.

When they both reached home, she was sitting and she remembered the whole incident and she started to feel something. She is forced to wonder why she stopped Ranbir from proposing to the girl.Anushka was smiling and tears started flowing from her eyes. The only word running through his mind was” LOVE”. So did Anushka fall in love with Ranbir? But right now she was too confused to confess this. 

In the same way, the days passed and they both started preparing for their Examination and Ranbir took care of Anushka all day and also took care of her hand. Ranbir tried several times to ask Anushka about the incident, but Anushka ignored her every time he asked. Then one day Ranbir took a chance and asked Anushka who is her prince charming. Anushka was quite surprised at his immediate questioning. And all she could say was that there was no Prince Sherman yet.

Anushka used to be sad just thinking that after Matriculation they might not be able to study together with each other and never meet. But she was surprised when both were admitted to the same college. Soon their friendship became known throughout the college.

And then one day Anushka was proposed by a senior. Seeing this, Ranbir got angry and started beating the boy. Anushka was seeing his unprovoked anger and kept trying to stop him. But the matter had progressed so much that it had to go to the administration. After observing the situation, the administration suspended Ranbir from the college for two weeks. Anushka was so depressed that she too did not make a single round of the college in those two weeks.

Ranbir was quite surprised that he did all this when he was going to propose to another girl. But when the guy wanted to propose the Anushka, why did he get jealous, did he fall in love with her best friend? And when he was sure that he really loved her, he thought of proposing to Anushka in a fairy tale way

Time passed and they completed 2 years in college. The love of both of them remained in each other’s hearts and neither of them tried to confess. Both of them were afraid of what they would do if they rejected each other after proposing and their friendship would also end.

One day when they were both walking back from a birthday party of their friend, they saw the bus coming straight ahead. The speed of the bus was so fast and its direction was also towards Anushka. Ranbir pulled the script and in the process, his head hit the ground. Ranbir’s head was bleeding profusely, and seeing this, Anushka was able to control herself and started crying.

Ranbir was taken to the hospital in an emergency and the doctors said that he would undergo surgery. On the other hand, Anushka was crying because she felt responsible for the accident. After about two hours of surgery, when the doctor came out, he said that now Ranbir was out of danger. On hearing this, Anushka prostrated herself and began to cry in gratitude. 

After about seven hours, when Ranbir regained consciousness, he found Anushka next to him. Anusha had fallen asleep sitting on the bench next to him. Ranbir placed a light hand on her hand and tried to call her. Anush woke up immediately when he felt someone’s soft hand on his hand. 

As soon as she saw that Ranbir had regained consciousness, she smiled happily and tears started flowing from her eyes. Seeing Anushka crying, Ranbir asks why are you crying, see, I am fine, please stop crying. Anushka cries and says I thought I lost you forever please don’t ever leave me Ranbir I love you so much. Ranbir was quite surprised by Anushka’s confession of love and he smiled heartily. On the other hand, there was Anushka who blushed at the love coming out of her. 

These were the words that both Anushka and Anbir were afraid to say to each other. But today Anushka had dared to express her love and now she was waiting to see how Ranbir would respond. On the other hand, Ranbir, who wanted to propose to her like a fairy tale, was shocked to think that she loved me.

Ranbir looked at her for a long time and then addressed her as Anushka. I wanted to propose to you grandly but now that you have proposed to me I also want to tell you that I love you so much. As soon as Ranbir expressed his affection, Anushka blushed and left the room. Seeing her going out, Ranbir also smiled and turned his face to the other side.

Similarly, Ranbir was kept in the hospital for about a week and then he was discharged, during which Anushka cooked for him every day and took care of him. Ranbir had decided that after being discharged from the hospital, he would prepare a fairy tale proposal for Anushka. And he did exactly. 

About two months after his surgery, when he was fully able to walk, he gathered all his friends and came up with a grand fairy tale proposal. In this proposal, he dressed up like a prince charming and he also made Anushka look like a beautiful queen. Anushka was standing on the stage wearing her beautiful fairy tale gown when he slowly walked towards the stage got down on his knees and started proposing to her.

Ranbir raised his left hand and holding Anushka’s hand on it put a beautiful ring on it. And all he could say was Anushka I love you so much and I promise I will never leave you alone. Anushka smiled slightly at this and put her lips close to his ear You know Ranbir I love you more than you And even if you want to leave me, I will not let you go. At this, Ranbir started laughing very loudly.