White Flowers: A New Sign of Love

It was Priya whose mobile had been ringing continuously for the past hour. On the other hand, her father was calling her continuously but she did not want to talk to him at all. Priya was in a very bad mood as her parents were getting divorced. She didn’t know what to do, she just wanted to run away from this house. After that, she came out of her house and started wandering in the streets for no reason.

Priya’s eyes were red due to constant crying and her face was pale. All the way she kept wondering why her parents were doing this to her. Priya knew that her parents had a love marriage, so where did their love go? And she couldn’t figure out why they were divorcing after spending so much time together.

After crying so much, Priya’s head was bursting with pain. She wrote a short message to her mother saying that I was going to my aunt’s house. Priya then took a bus and went straight to her aunt’s house.  When Priya reached there, she saw her aunt sitting on the couch drinking tea. Seeing Priya’s red eyes, her aunt asked her what happened to her. Priya hugged her and started crying loudly.

After some time, when Priya stopped crying, her aunt asked, “Tell me what happened, why are you crying like this?” She began to cry once again as she recounted the whole story to her aunt. Priya was just saying what will I do, what is my fault, why are they doing this, have they not even thought about me?

Priya’s aunt said, “Oh my dear, stop crying, look, this is a matter between them, I can’t say anything about it.” Dear Priya Sometimes things don’t work out in life. So stop crying, my sweetheart! and spend a few days at my house. You stay here with me and help me manage my flower shop. Priya immediately accepted her aunt’s offer.

But for the 20-year-old girl, the transition was not easy at all. She was still worried about her parents’ divorce but the flowers did magic for her and they brought back her smile. Priya now used to visit her aunt’s flower shop daily. She used to say nothing but greetings to the customers who came to her shop. 

Priya’s aunt had some regular customers like a guy who used to buy a bouquet every day. Also, a young woman who used to buy a bouquet of roses every day, An old lady who had a very good friendship with her aunt, and An old man who used to buy a white rose daily. 

One day when Priya was packing and giving a white rose to the old man, she asked the old man. She asked dear uncle can I ask you a question if you don’t mind. To this Uncle replied yes and Priya asked Uncle there are many other colors of roses in our shop so why do you buy only one white rose? The old man smiled and said of course there are many beautiful flowers in your shop but the white rose is my wife’s favourite.

My wife has gone into a coma due to an accident. And before this accident happened, she had grown a white rose plant in our garden. My wife went into a coma due to this accident and during this time I was unable to take care of the plant due to which it got damaged. Uncle was a very enthusiastic type of person and told Priya that when I took my wife out on a date for the first time, I gave her a white flower too. 

Doctors say my wife will never recover now but I am sure she will wake up one day. I wish that the day she recovers and opens her eyes, she sees only white roses around her. Priya was very surprised by all this and started thinking that true love still alive. 


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