Two strangers meet in Japan | Sameer and Nova

As soon as Sameer took his first step in Tokyo, Japan, mixed emotions were running through him. Although he was far away from home, Sameer was also excited to join the head office of the IT firm. It was the IT firm he was about to join, However, he was also anxious about adjusting to a new country, its citizens, its language, and its culture.

Just a few months had passed since Sameer started working in Japan. But so far he had only managed to learn a few words in Japanese. A few weeks after her joining, a girl named Nova joined the company. Sameer has a crush on Nova from day one. He wanted to talk to her but didn’t have the courage, and in those days when courage wasn’t a problem, there was a language barrier.

But he was happy because he managed to learn some Japanese words and he tried to talk to Nova using them. Nova hailed from a small village but had big dreams that brought her to Japan. Nova didn’t know how to speak English but if she could speak in English, she would be talking to this man who always smiled at her but never spoke. Nova didn’t know what his name was or where he came from, but every morning when he smiled at her, she smiled back.

One day during lunch break Nova was sitting alone on a bench in the ground. After some time Sameer also came walking in the ground and found Nova sitting alone on the bench. After a moment of hesitation, he walked over to Nova and sat down next to her on the bench. 

After sitting there for a while he turned on Google Translator from his mobile and started typing Hi, my name is Sameer. Then with a smile, he lowered his eyes. First Nova looked at him with surprise and then she started typing “Hi my name is Nova” and then she lowered her eyes and started smiling. After that, they both had a long conversation in which they talked about their perspective of life, their likes and dislikes in food, color, and other things. 

It was all due to technology that two strangers who were unable to understand each other’s language now got to know each other well. And in this way, these two were connected by the bond of friendship. They often talked to each other till late at night. And soon their normal conversation turned into dinners and outings.

And so it had been a year, By now Sameer had fallen in love with the culture, food, and people, especially Nova. And by now he had learned to know and speak the Japanese language well. These things happened so fast that Sameer didn’t even realize that his one-year project period was over and it was time for him to go home.

It was almost 4 a.m. Sameer leaves for the airport and Nova was also there to say goodbye to Sameer at the airport as she doesn’t know when they will meet again. Sameer saw Nava and he could not say a word to her. He just looked at Nova with tears in his eyes. After that, with a lot of courage, Sameer asked Nova if she knew the meaning of her name. He nodded yes and said in Japanese, “Daylight”.

He then asked Nova if she knew the meaning of his name. On this, Nova said no she doesn’t know. Sameer smiled a little at this and told Navan that it meant charming and loyal. But you must always remember that some things are inseparable. So don’t worry we will meet again. All these conversations between the two were in Japanese, after which Sameer entered the airport, hugged Nova, and said goodbye.

After that, Nova books a cab to go home but her heart is full of all the memories she had with Sameer. And then suddenly Nova remembered the last thing said by Sameer that some things are inseparable like the rising and setting of the sun. Realizing the meaning of this, Nova started smiling happily as she knew that Sameer and Nova would meet again.

And remember, this was not the last meeting of Nova and Sameer, but their meeting again was written in destiny. When they met again in Japan exactly two years after their last meeting, they decided to get married. And this time, a strong relationship had been established between them that could never end. Now they had two twin baby girls named Ria and Shiya.