True Love Never Dies 


It was 6 January 2014 when Amir proposed to Sameera. He asked Sameera will you marry me? Even knowing the answer to this question, Amir’s heart was beating loudly. Sameera said I will accept your proposal on one condition if you will love me till your last breath. Amir accepted this condition and thus they got married. They both danced to their favorite songs throughout the night.

As of 2024, they have been married for 10 years. Aamir has some gray hairs on his head while Samira has put on some weight. But the love of both them had not decreased even a bit, both of them still loved each other as much as they used to do 10 years ago.

But in 2044, after three decades, their love had turned completely different. Now Amir and Sameera used to spend most of their time fighting and arguing with each other. They fought like hypocrites and did not listen to each other. Their fights used to get so bad that they both slept in separate rooms.

Amir and Sameera used to spend their whole night cursing each other, why did I marry her, why did I fall in love with her? Sameera often prayed that Aamir should go somewhere and never return. Both of them were so tired of each other that they did not even like to see each other. 

And then one day Amir’s health worsened so much that he had to be taken to the hospital in an emergency. After a complete diagnosis, the doctor said that Amir was suffering from a disease that could not be cured anymore. When Samira hears the doctor’s words, she is shocked and starts beating herself up. She blames herself for praying for Aamir to leave this world. And then one day Amir’s health became so bad that he left the world.

One night when Sameera was lost in her thoughts, she heard Amir’s voice. At first, he thought it might be her imagination but the voices called out to him once again. It was a voice note on his laptop. Amir knew that he would not survive much longer so he saved a voice note for his wife Sameera.

This voice note was to be mailed to Sameera exactly one month after Aamir’s death. In this voice note, Aamir wanted to convey a message to Sameera that he loved her very much. Aamir then apologizes to her as he could not spend the rest of his life with her. Even though he was on his deathbed, he recorded this voice note for his beloved wife. This voice note ended up being the same song they danced to at their wedding.

As soon as the song started playing, Sameera started to remember every moment spent with Aamir. Sameera’s eyes filled with tears and she realized that Aamir loved her till death and he kept his promise. Then it became her routine that every night she would listen to his message and feel that Aamir was sitting right next to her. It was a love that lasted three decades. 

Now Sameera’s lifestyle was that she used to write a page in her diary for Amir every day. She used to write that she loved Aamir very much. She used to quarrel with Aamir every day, but even in her quarrels, there was love hidden. She also waits for when she will meet her Amir and tells him that she is all alone without him. She used to cry every day and miss every single moment she shared with Aamir. From this story, we get the example that a man dies but the true love he makes lives forever.