Tragedies Make Love Stories

He woke up, as usual, saying that sunlight wakes me up early every day. Is this my daily punishment? He tries to get up and sees someone lying next to him. It was a female voice that screamed in pain because his head collided with it. The boy is forced to think that I believe my head is as heavy as a stone but who is this lady?

As far as he knew he lived alone and had no girlfriend. He started thinking that maybe he brought someone to his house yesterday and if not, how did this woman know the password of his house? 

The girl shouted and said what have you done to me?

The boy said with a smile and said “like”? The boy attempted to make the girl laugh
On which the girl threw a pillow at him and said what are you doing here?

The boy was quite surprised and said that this is my room.

The boy shouted once again that this is my room and the girl started looking around.

The boy tried again and told the girl that this is my room and pointed to the house saying that this is my house. When the boy saw that the girl was not giving any response, he picked up his brush and started brushing with toothpaste.

The guy was shocked, wondering how I didn’t know that I was sleeping with this girl. Looking at this girl, it was clear that the girl was drunk and now she was having a lot of pain in her head.

Finally, the girl asked what is the number of the apartment. To this, the boy replied 24 and began to think that she might be remembering now. The girl put her hand on her forehead as soon as she heard the number of the apartment. The girl’s eyes were full of tears now and she could not move.

The girl wrapped her whole body in the blanket and did not come out for some time. The boy was surprised at this and thought that she might be crying. But after a few seconds, he realized she was changing clothes when he heard the sound of a zip. As the girl stands up from the blanket, the boy sees that she is a beautiful black girl.

I am Sorry!!, I think you are the new neighbor. The girl says this is my old house and as I had too much drink last night I don’t remember entering your house. And as for the password, since it’s my house, I remember it and you never changed it. The girl was speaking in a non-stop manner and thus her voice began to stammer. The boy just watched her speak and thought how beautifully she spoke.

The boy said that everything was fine but now you tell me why you were so drunk last night. The girl said that it was not enough that my boyfriend left me. He used to say that he loves me, he will never leave me and I love him too, she started crying. He was always telling me that he would never leave me and that he loved me very much.  I also love her very much and she started crying while saying this.

After that, the girl opened the fridge took out a bottle of Red Vine, and started drinking it. But why would a boy break up with such a beautiful girl, he must be a stupid boy. The boy told him this while being very serious.

On this, the girl shrugged her shoulders and said, “Leave it, I am Meena.” And who are you? The boy replied that my name is Deen. Deen started thinking to himself that I never believed in love at first sight but ever since I saw this girl my heart is not under control.

 The girl shook his hand and said I want to apologize again that I bothered you that night. Meena said that I went to your apartment by mistake, while my apartment is 26, let me go now, bye.

After the incident of that night, we both never bumped into each other. I went to his house several times and each time his watchman told me that he was on a trip. But I kept wondering how she could go on a journey with my heart uncontrollable and I was forced to think how she could go on a journey, making my heart restless.

After that a month passed and then 6 months and then a year I didn’t find my Meena. I always think about her but I never spend a single night when I don’t miss her. And finally, I started to realize that I might have lost her when one day my secretary came to me and said that a girl was looking for me.

I started thinking that I don’t hang out with most girls so who is this girl? And then suddenly my mind clicked this is Meena. I was close to fainting and I couldn’t believe that it was really Meena. On this, Deen left the room of his office without any further thought and as soon as he left, he hugged Meena. 

Meena also met him very happily and then slapped him on the chest and asked where did you go. He just looked at her and was very happy to find her Meena. She said I am not sure that you went to my house because when I reached home, the watchman told me that you came to my house many times to find me. 

Meena bowed her head and said I was very ashamed because I was quite drunk that day and I accidentally came to your house. I never had anything like this happen to me before so I went on a trip because I wanted to forget about it. But listen carefully to the truth that I am about to tell you now. From that day I wanted to forget everything but I fell in love with you

Deen, you won’t believe that I traveled so much to forget that day and night, but it didn’t happen, with each passing day, you made more place in my heart. Deen smiled and said I used to go to your house because I wanted to propose to you. And then Deen got down on his knees and holding her hand said, Dear Meena, will you marry me?

Meena smiled at this and lightly nodded her head by saying, yes. Today was a very beautiful and lucky day for Deen because he got her love, Meena.