Short Love Story of Poor Boy Ahmed and Rich Girl Anaya

This love story is about a rich girl Anaya and a poor boy Ahmed. Anaya’s father was a big businessman while Ahmed’s father was a Teacher. The two of them first met in their class on their first day of university. Coincidentally, both counted in the same group for their presentation. In this way, both of them exchanged their numbers and started talking to each other.

Slowly, the chain of talks reached their personal life instead of presentations and assignments. Anaya was the first to feel that she was thinking a little too much about Ahmed. But she dismisses his idea saying that he is just her best friend. On the other hand, Ahmed felt the same for Anaya as Anaya felt for Ahmed, but he was afraid to admit it because he was the son of a poor private Teacher. 

And then in the seventh semester of the university, Ahmed dared to propose to Anaya. Ahmad wrote in a message to Anaya I love you and I can’t imagine my life without you. Dear Anaya, will you marry me? On the other hand, when Anaya read this message from Ahmed, she was surprised and her eyes filled with tears. 

Anaya was a very sensitive girl and she could never confess to Ahmed that she loves him. Because she was afraid of what Ahmed would do if she didn’t accept his proposal. But she was surprised and happy with Ahmed’s proposal. Anaya wrote a message for Ahmed and said I love you Ahmed and I am in love with you from the third semester of university.

After this conversation, they both meet in the cafeteria of the university. Ahmed brings chocolates, flowers and a ring for Anaya and formally proposes to her. Which Anaya happily accepts and expresses her happiness. Both of them are very happy but on the other hand, they are also sad about how they will convince their family. Because both of them had different family backgrounds.

On this, Anaya comforts Ahmed and says, Ahmed, don’t worry, we will both convince our family members of our marriage. Ahmed smiles at Anaya’s words and tells her that God willing, we will make it. In the same way, the days passed and the last day of the university came. On the last day of university, Anaya and Ahmed meet each other and make a promise that they will marry each other and that they will not marry anyone else.

After finishing the university, both of them kept in touch, they used to talk to each other on messages. And then one day Anaya said to Ahmad I had spoken to my father for you but my father refused to say that we would not marry you to any poor man’s son. Anaya also told me that she arranged my relationship with one of my cousins ​​who lives in Canada.

Ahmed was very sad about this and asked Anaya Anaya, will you marry your cousin? To which Anaya said no, I will never marry anyone except you. Ahmed was happy at this and said, “Anaya, can you wait for me?” Anaya replied, of course, Ahmed, I will wait for you.

After that, days passed and Ahmed applied for scholarships in many countries. And luckily Ahmed got admission to a very big university in the US. All this time, Anaya and Ahmed kept in touch with each other and consoled each other. In these two years, Ahmed got a job offer from a Big US company. He happily told Anaya that I am now able to send my parents to your house to get the relationship, should I send them?

Anaya asked Ahmed to let me talk to my father first and let him deny the relationship he had with my cousin in Canada. Anaya says to her father that Ahmed is now working in a big company in the US, are you still against this relationship? Her father said exactly because I have already done your relationship with your cousin in Canada. On this Anaya said that this will not happen at all because I will not marry anyone except Ahmed and if you force me then I will not let it happen at all.

Saying this, Anaya went back to her room locked her room, and refused to eat or drink anything. She used to say that if you don’t get me married to Ahmed, you will kill your daughter with your own hands. After a week of continuous discussions, Anaya’s father asked Anaya to ask Ahmed to send a Marriage Proposal to her.

On this, Anaya was very happy and started crying and she said to Ahmed that her father had agreed and he should send his parents to get the relationship. Ahmed immediately called his home and asked his parents to take Anaya’s marriage proposal to her home. In this way, the relationship between Ahmed and Anaya matured and they both got engaged.

After a year Ahmed and Anaya got married and both found each other’s love. Now they are parents of a beautiful little and cute baby gir Fatima. Happy complete Family.