Respect Each Other Dreams 


Neha was surprised to see Hira wearing her night suit and asked why she was not ready yet. Close your books and get ready quickly, Neha told her daughter. Hria replies mamma I have to prepare for the test now. I know you have a test but it is also very important so hurry up and get dressed and come downstairs.

Hira was indeed only 23 years old but her mother wanted to marry her. When she asked her mother why she was getting married so soon. In response, Neha would always tell her that this is the right age to get married and how long will wait. After that, Heera went to the dressing room and put on a blue saree. She looked at herself in the mirror and began to think that maybe this was her destiny.

Taking one last look at herself, she went down the stairs. He saw a boy of hier ge wearing a black shirt and white pants sitting on the couch with his parents. Neha then introduces Hira to the prospective groom’s family. After chatting for a while, Hira and the boy went to the garden so that they could talk alone. 

Walking towards the garden, the boy introduced himself. Hi, I am Rahul. Hira looks at him curiously and asks what are you doing? Rahul replied I am a software engineer and recently I got a job in a very good company. But before I joined this company, my father called me back. Before you ask why I want to answer it myself. My father wanted me to work in my country and make my country proud.

On this Hera said that I can ask one more question. Rahul replied yes, you can do it. Hera asked what kind of life partner do you want? To be honest, I don’t know what kind of life partner I want. It was my parents who wanted me to get married so I came here. She sighed and said that my parents also want me to get married but I want to continue my studies.

He replied: Oh,  if so I can help you because I don’t want my life partner to sacrifice his dreams to marry me. In the same way, they both continued to talk to each other. And when it was time for Rahul to leave, Rahul said to Hera that it was nice to talk to you, can we be friends. Hara smiled at this and indicated with her eyes that yes we could be. And then they both exchanged numbers with each other. 

And then Rahul went to his home. Hira was quite impressed by the whole incident and smiled and said, “My luck is not that bad.” She started smiling thinking that now she could continue her studies. 

But destiny had something else written for them. On the other hand, Rahul liked Hira very much and he went home and told his parents that he would marry Hira but not yet. He didn’t want to break Hera’s dreams so he wanted Hera to complete her studies and then marry her.

Days passed, and Hira and Rahul used to talk to each other via messages and started sharing their personal lives. In the past two years, Hera had completed her studies and Rahul had started working in a good software engineering company. And then one day when Hera tells Rahul that her studies are over and she is very happy that now one of her dreams has come true.

After hearing this, Rahul said congratulations to Hria and said Hira, can I ask you a question? Hira replied, of course, you can ask. Rahul wrote in a short message, Hera, now your studies have been completed, will you marry me now? Hira was quite surprised at this and asked if you were waiting for my studies to be completed. 

To this, Rahul replied of course I was waiting for your studies to be completed. And then Rahul also sent a voice note in which he expressed his love that I fell in love with you when I first saw you. Rahul further said that when you told me that your family is forcefully marrying you and you want to move on, I thought that I will never come between your dreams.

That day I thought that I would not take this relationship further until you complete your studies. And now that your studies are complete, I want to ask you once again, Dear Hira, are you ready to marry me? To this Hira happily replied yes of course I am ready to marry you. Rahul was very happy when Hera answered him yes.

After Hera expressed love, they both continued to talk till late night. The engagement of both of them took place on Friday of the following week. Both of them were very excited about their marriage. And then exactly after 2 months, they both got married. Both of them were very happy in their married life Because both had found their destiny. 


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