Patience Make Fruit More Juicy

She was sitting in her room crying, and then suddenly there was a knock at the door and he was called Riya come out and finish your work. This was the everyday atmosphere of her home. After Riya’s mother’s death, her father remarried and her stepmother did not treat her well. She used to do all the housework from Riya and after that, she used to beat her and lock her in the room. 

Riya was the only daughter of her parents but her stepmother had three more children including two daughters and a son. Her other three siblings went to school while Riya was not even allowed to go to school. She was very fond of reading but the constraint was that her father did not support her. Riya was a very beautiful and innocent girl.

Her beauty was most disliked by her stepmother. That’s why she would make Riya do the housework all day and throw the leftover food in front of her at night. Riya would often cry at night remembering her mother and would say to her that if you were with me, maybe nothing like this would have happened to me.

There lived an old lady in their neighborhood who cared a lot about Riya. Whenever she came to Riya’s house, she would secretly bring her food or new clothes. The woman’s name was Habiba and she was a very good friend of Riya’s mother. 

One day, Habiba brings a proposal for Riya to her stepmother. After hearing about the proposal, Riya’s stepmother says that I will never marry her, she will always do work chores and die here. Which Habiba, using her mind, explained to her stepmother.  Due to Riya’s beauty, all the proposals of your daughters get canceled, so if you marry her, your daughters’ marriages will be easy.

On this Riya’s stepmother gives some thought and says ok I will think and tell you. The whole night she kept thinking about whether to marry her or not, and then she concluded if I let her marry may be, my daughters get good proposals. 

The next day he called Habiba and told her to bring the family for marriage.  I agree. After two or three days, Habiba brought the boy and his family members, an imam was called and the marriage of both of them was performed. 

Habiba neither knew the boy nor knew which house she was going to, she just kept crying. After her marriage, when she sat in the car with her husband and went to his house, she felt as if she had entered another world. Her in-laws were very nice, especially her husband. 

He was a poor boy but at the same time he wanted to fulfill every wish of his wife. On the other hand, her mother-in-law and father-in-law never scolded her for anything, they treated her like their own daughter. They cared about her every small and big happiness. Her husband even took her out to eat once a week.

Riya used to pray for her husband in every prayer and used to cry saying, O Allah, you have given me the fruit of my patience. She had thought in her heart that she remained devoted to her husband and would always take care of his husband’s every single thing. She did not want to give her husband a chance to complain.

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