One Sided to Two Sided Love

Ayesha was walking on the road in her thoughts thinking of going back to her home. She had dressed herself in a black gown and had a university bag on her shoulder. She was a veiled girl and even covered her hands with gloves. She was pursuing her BS Arabic degree from the International Islamic University in Islamabad.

Ayesha had intended to leave the university and go some distance away and hire a rickshaw or a taxi, but her hope seemed to be fading. It was difficult for her to walk to the university every day so far from his home. But on the other hand, she did not have enough money daily to take a taxi and a rickshaw to her home. 

She was very happy that she got admitted to the International Islamic University on a scholarship. For this reason, she used to walk some distance from the university, and she used to hire a rickshaw that would take her home for very little money. 

Like every day she wanted to reach her stop by walking, but suddenly a car came in front of her and Ayesha collided with it. The collision between the car and Ayesha is so strong that Ayesha falls unconscious. The person who gets out of the car is very polite as well as ashamed. In such a long time, the people of this side gather around them.

A woman from the crowd comes out and starts trying to bring Aisha to consciousness. After trying for a long time, when Ayesha does not open her eyes, she is told to take her to the hospital immediately. After that, the same guy whose car hit Ayesha puts her in his car and takes her to the hospital.

After the doctors reassured her, it was found that Ayesha was fine, she had some scratches on her body. The boy thanks the doctors and turns towards the room where Ayesha is sitting. My name is Abdullah, I want to apologize to you that suddenly I drove my car in front of you and you fainted after hitting my car. 

Tell me your home address and I will drop you at your home. Ayesha kept looking at this man who was talking continuously. She told Abdullah her home address and sat in the car. During the journey, there was no communication between the two. Abdullah dropped her at the location that Ayesha told her and when the car stopped, Ayesha opened the gate and went to her house.

Abdullah continued his journey, It was fifteen minutes before he saw a student card lying on the seat next to him. Abdullah picked up the student card and looked at it. At the top of the card, the girl’s name was flashing, Ayesha Safdar. Now he was lost in thinking how he would return her student card to her. 

Abdullah did not feel good about going back to her house so he thought that I would return her to the same place tomorrow. The next morning he reached the accident site around n 12:15 pm and waited for Ayesha.

At exactly 12:45 pm he saw that Ayesha had reached the location. Abdullah approached her and addressed her, Miss Ayesha, I want to talk to you. Because Ayesha did not talk much with men, she ignored him and continued her journey. Abdullah was quite surprised and stood in front of her again. He addressed her again and said, Look, I have not come here to annoy you. Rather, I wanted to return your student card to you, which you forgot in my car yesterday. Ayesha took her student card from Abdullah’s hand and started walking again.

Abdullah was quite surprised at this strange behavior of Ayesha and he began to wonder if she couldn’t even say thank you to me. Abdullah then started his car and moved to his office. He was a civil engineer and was running his own office. As soon as he reaches his office, the first thing he does is go to his cabin. A new file was lying on his table, probably this could be his next project.

After opening the file, when he started reading, he saw that the project was from the Arabic Department of the Islamic University, Islamabad. Tomorrow at 10:00 he was supposed to go to the Islamic University for a site visit. After that, he starts to complete the other work in his office. 

The next morning at exactly 10:00 a.m. Abdullah enters Islamic University Islamabad. Without wasting time, he turned to the Arabic department. After meeting the Head of Department and making a site visit, as he is on his way back, he hears a very beautiful recitation. The sound was coming from the auditorium hall of the university. 

Abdullah decided to go to the auditorium because he wanted to listen to the recitation of the Qur’an a little closer. As Abdullah reached inside the hall, he saw a beautiful girl wearing a black gown. The eyes of this beautiful girl were shining like diamonds and she was busy reciting the Holy Quran. After a little thought, Abdullah realized that it might be the same girl whose name was Ayesha Sadiq. 

There was so much peace in Ayesha’s voice that Abdullah stood there for 30 minutes listening to her recitation. It was Ayesha’s presentation regarding the Quran. Ayesha completed her recitation of the Qur’an and went to her seat.  

He stood there like an idol when someone placed a hand on his shoulder from behind, Sir, I think you have lost your way, so I will take you to the main gate. Abdullah had returned to his own world when the boy addressed him. He took one last look at the girls in the crowd and tried to find Ayesha but failed and turned back.

On his way back to his office, Abdullah kept thinking about Ayesha. He could not figure out what was happening to him. Even after reaching his office, he was not able to concentrate properly on his work. Even at bedtime, he only thought about Ayesha. Abdullah hadn’t even seen Ayesha yet but he was obsessed with everything about her, her voice and way of living were outstanding. 

How beautiful and pure would that girl who did not even want to show her hands to any man?  He spent his whole night thinking about Ayesha. He had now made up his mind that when he went to the university tomorrow morning, he would definitely try to talk to Ayesha.

Who knew what was going to be written next in the life of both of them? To Be Continued!!!