Love Needs Courage

I gently held Pooja’s hand and stopped her from going. Give me 5 minutes I begged her. Pooja started trying to free her hand but I too tightened my grip. We both met 5 years ago on a summer evening at a friend’s party. That was the first day of my life when I saw Pooja and after that, I couldn’t get her out of my mind. 

She was very beautiful and above all she was not alone in this party but her boyfriend was also with her. I controlled my emotions but it was not that easy. I pushed her towards me looked her in the eyes and asked her, “Don’t you love me?”. He tried to push me back but my grip was so strong that I couldn’t fall. I pulled her towards me again and asked, “Don’t you love me?”, I simply asked, assuming I would receive a certain kind of response. And as I expected she replied no I don’t love you. 

But I also came with the full intention of confessing my love to him. As I turned her eyes towards me, I saw that she smiled a little along with me, but she hid it. I was relieved to see that there was nothing wrong with what I was doing. The way she reacted when I was near, the way she rolled her eyes, and the way her breathing quickened was proof that she loved me.

But she refused to accept it because she already had a boyfriend and she didn’t want to cheat on him. I whispered in her ear why are you lying Pooja??. She tried to pull me away from her and once again said please let me go!!!, someone might mistake us here. My sweetheart, this is my heart’s want. I rubbed his cheek with the palm of my hand. You say yes once and I will fix everything.

Pooja’s heartbeat had started to pick up again and I could hear it all the way outside. Don’t be afraid, I will control everything. I held her face in both my hands and started comforting her. I had guessed from her silence that she loved me as much as I loved her.

I really loved her but she couldn’t believe me. I took her hand in mine and told her to come with me. But she didn’t want that, she immediately released my hand from hers. She screamed again and said I don’t love you, don’t you understand one thing? I am not like that at all, I told you before because I have a boyfriend and I love him very much.

I felt that she was doing these things to comfort herself. I went closer to her once again, & asked once more, “Do u not love me?” The disappointment was evident in my voice. A faint smile appeared on her face. And then I had my courage up to this point, I got quite angry and stood her up against the wall. I held both her hands very tightly in both my hands. 

Tears started flowing from her eyes and she started trying to free herself. My eyes were red with anger and I was just asking her to tell me you don’t love me. I lifted her drooping face with my hand and asked once more. Pooja, I am asking for the last time do you love me??

If still, your answer is no, I swear I won’t even look at you after tomorrow. Pooja remained silent. Now I had run out of courage. I left her there and started walking back towards my house. Tears were streaming from my eyes and I felt as if I had lost my whole world. he was continuing his way in sorrow, a voice was coming from behind. Rahul!!!. He could recognize this voice even among thousands of people, it was the voice of Pooja. When he looked back, Pooja came running to him and hugged him

All she could say was I love you so much that I can’t even tell you. Please Rahul don’t ever leave me. Rahul was not convinced that it was really Pooja who was confessing her love. Rahul gently pulled her away from him and once again held her face in his hands and asked, do you really love me? Pooja replies of course I love you. After that, Rahul looks very excited and kisses Pooja on her forehead. After that, Pooja and Rahul started walking toward their path holding hands



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