Love At First Sight Ends Up Being Love At Last Sight


The day Ali and Amna saw each other, they fell deeply in love with each other. So actually they studied in the same educational school in the same class and even shared a bench. At that time, both of them were students of 8th standard. The two of them were seen in the morning prayer queue, the playground, and even in class together. 

Ali and Amna exchanged books and notebooks, did homework together, and even shared their lunch boxes. At the same time, they used to take long walks out of the school gate together after class and spend quality time together. Their love was so deep and beautiful that it became a source of complete motivation for them. 

As a result, their performance in post-academic examinations was commendable. Both Ali and Amna got the first position on the board in their 8th examination which made their school proud of them.  This success did not end here but he always got first position in all the examinations held in their school.

In the same way, time passed and they both completed their graduation together and then they both got married. Their love was so strong that they even made the decision to have a smooth marriage. Ali and Amna thought that a child between them would lessen the intensity of their love.

Both Ali and Amna were working in a profitable professional career in their life. Many people used to say after seeing them that they had never seen such a beautiful couple before. They used to say that this is such a wonderful couple that there is no example anywhere and it cannot be imagined by a common man.

On the way to meetings in his office, the couple was almost always together and was considered the only blessed couple on earth. They used to share sorrows and pains, celebrate happiness with each other, and support each other in every part of life.

Greed, envy, selfishness, hatred, and anger had nothing to do with the lives of both of them. Both of them used to be kind to the people that are needy and the elderly and at the same time used to advise those who were not decisive in their problems.

At a stage in the 80s when their car full of love was nearing the last station of life’s journey. Both of them are seen holding each other’s hands almost every time they walk near their house.  

They used to spend time together on the house lawn every sunrise and sunset, with the wife standing beside her husband and placing her hand on his frail shoulder. They were hardly able to identify faces at a distance of five to ten meters by now. Still, they would enjoy making jokes about one another. 

Amna: smiles at her husband my dear husband still my eyes are so good that I can see much more than you.

Ali: says that the rest of my teeth are still in my mouth, which means I can chew better than you. 

Amna: says I am still young enough to go to the Kitchen and make tea for you.

Ali: I am still strong enough to put your head on your shoulders.

This old couple has not been without each other for a minute, the older they get, the more their love grows. Their beautiful and outstanding love was given the title of Never Die Love. Their love is an example for both young and old couples.

Even the old couple’s partners of dogs and cats, who were always happy to have them around and were restless if they were not, taught them the skill of true love. 

And then one sad morning, the old woman Amna collapsed and died in the kitchen while trying to fetch a cup of tea for her husband. Amna’s husband could not bear the absence of a few minutes so he slowly started walking towards the kitchen on his tired legs.

But surprisingly, after seeing his dead wife, he became completely unconscious without any trace of grief or agony. He simply kissed his wife’s cheeks with his trembling lips and quietly sat back on the chair in the courtyard. He was probably still expecting that his wife was not dead but would come to him with morning tea as usual.

While sitting on the chair, he kept his hand on his shoulder as if he was looking for his wife’s hands. Tears started flowing from his eyes because he could not bear the separation of his wife.  He cried so much that even the pets in his house started crying and the people of his neighborhood started crying on seeing him.

And then in the evening after burying the dead body, all the people of his neighborhood come to his house to sympathize and comfort him and they are surprised to see him lying in a pool of blood. People saw that he had committed suicide and read a letter written next to him.

It was written in this letter that we were always happy in this life because we went through all the sorrows and pains of life together now I can’t live without her and she won’t be able to live without me when she is broken so, I used to wipe her tears and comfort her. It was further written that when I go to her place, I will ask her for tea every sunrise and sunset as before.

In this letter, he requested his neighbor to please take care of the dogs and cats in his house when he died. People say that love at first sight is rare but this is not always true instead love at first sight ends up being love at last sight.