Lila and Dhruv Love Story | Introvert meets Exrtovert

This is the story of an introverted and shy girl Lila who falls in love with an extroverted and confident boy Dhruv. Leela was a very shy and simple girl. She never imagined that one day she would have her own romantic story. Lila always preferred reading books to hanging out. She didn’t have many friends and she didn’t like to socialize much. And then one day he met Dhruv. 

While Dhruv is different from Lila. He was an adventurous and very confident boy. He loves to do outings with friends and family. He is an extroverted boy who loves to meet up. Lila first saw him at a wedding party she happened to attend unintentionally.  Dhruv had a certain kind of charm that people who saw him for the first time became crazy about him. She was standing on one side of the wedding hall enjoying her drink when he approached her and started talking.

Lila herself was surprised that she was willing to talk so quickly. Lila was a little confused at the beginning but soon she got over herself as he was talking to her very politely. Lala felt very comfortable with Dhruv and then started discussing his daily life activities with him. After that weeks and months passed and they started spending more and more time with each other.

Dhruv started taking her to the parties and introducing her to his friends. Just like that, Laila would take him to her favorite coffee shops where they would sit and talk for the whole day. Both of them had started enjoying each other’s company even though they didn’t want to.

Both quickly realized that they both loved each other but were afraid to confess their love. Lila could not imagine how much she liked him and wanted to marry him. Lila was the girl who didn’t have many friends but ever since she met Dhruv she started sharing everything with him.

One day away, he took Lila on a surprise date to a bookstore. He knew her favorite author because, in most of their conversations, she talked about her favorite author. The author happened to be there and was giving autographs to his fans. Lila also wanted an autograph from the author of the books she bought. Dhruv asked the book owner if he wanted to write something on the books he had already bought, could he write? The book owner looked at him a little surprised and replied yes. 

The author gave his autograph on all the books one by one and as soon as he opened one of the books he smiled and said to Lila you are a very lucky girl. Lila was quite surprised at what the author said when she opened the first page of the book. So it was written, “Dear Lila, will you marry Dhruv and make him the luckiest man in the world?”. As soon as Laila read these words, her eyes filled with tears and she accepted and hugged Dhruv. 

That evening Lila saw Dhruv with her shining eyes and said to him with a beautiful smile. I have never loved anyone as much as I love you, Dhruv. And this is how this beautiful love story was written as both of them proposed to each other in a very beautiful and amazing way. 

And even after a long time, those two people with different habits are together. They both accepted each other with all their strengths and weaknesses. Dhruv is equally keen to meet new people and go out but he makes sure he takes his wife with him. He also respects her for being an introvert and doesn’t force her to take him everywhere. Lila, on the other hand, has tried to meet other people and do adventurous things with her husband. 

Leela always thought that no one could ever love a shy and introverted girl like her. But after getting Dhruv’s love, she realizes that no person in this world does not get his love. They both love each other very much and respect each other. They are sitting at a coffee shop and enjoying celebrating their second year of marriage.