Childhood Love | Zoya And Ashraf

The famous city of Pakistan, Islamabad, was also bathed in lights like every day. The beautiful buildings on both sides of the road were constructed in a very dignified manner. The road was looking even more beautiful with the cars running on the road and the lights of the vehicles. In a car, Zoya and Ashraf were on their way to the hostels after attending their friend’s Birthday party. 

They were both childhood friends and to maintain their friendship they took admission to the same university even though they were in the same department. Along with being friends, they loved each other but their parents did not know this yet.

Zoya, I have to talk to you about something Ashraf said looking at her. Look Zoya our last semester of university is here and I want now to tell our parents about our relationship. She wasn’t mentally ready to reveal this thing. But Ashraf wanted them to get married soon after finishing university

So he wanted to tell Zoya that this weekend when they both go home, they will tell their parents everything about their relationship. Seeing Zoya silent, Ashraf once again asked Zoya you are listening to me, I am talking to you. On this, Zoya simply replied to Ashraf that it was fine, we would talk to our parents.

After reaching the hostel, Zoya looked very worried. She wasn’t worried about talking to her parents, this was another thing that was bothering her more. She had not even mentioned to Ashraf till now that she was engaged to her cousin Inam as a child. She loved hi, immensely and did not want to lose Ashraf at any cost, so she did not leave this matter to Ashraf because of this fear.

Zoya spent this night just walking around, she could not sleep for a minute. There was only one month left before his university graduation. As it was a weekend, they both had to leave for their home in the morning. After thinking for a long time, Zoya decided that she would tell Ashraf the whole truth.

Because she knew that her father would never agree to Ashraf and her relationship. Zoya’s father was a well-known MNA of his town. His personality was such that once he said something, he would stick to it. It meant that she was to be married to the person to whom she was engaged. But she didn’t like Inam, she just loved Ashraf. 

In the morning, both of them took a bus and left for their town. All the way, Zoya remained silent and Ashraf felt this enough. On reaching home, Ashraf had put the whole thing in front of his parents and his parents had also agreed to this. They had known Zoya since childhood, she was a very brave and Intelligent girl. 

Being happy with his parents’ consent, Ashraf wrote a message to Zoya saying, “My parents have agreed to our marriage. Have you talked to your parents?” Zoya did not respond to Ashraf’s message. Zoya had planned to talk to him face-to-face at the university. After the weekends, the two head back to their university.

The next morning, after their classes are over, they both decide to sit in a cafe and talk.  Zoya had come to tell Ashraf the whole truth, so she started the conversation.  He presented the whole story in front of Ashraf, which he was quite surprised to hear. Ashraf just said that you didn’t trust me too, if you had told me earlier, I would have tried to fix our relationship in some other way. Zoya starts crying to which Ashraf tells her!! please stop crying see I will find some way.

Zoya started crying even more and said at the same time I love you very much and I will not marry anyone else. Ashraf told her ok I also want to marry you please stop crying first otherwise I will start crying too. Zoya started smiling at this and kicked him on the shoulder. 

After going to the hostel Ashraf spent the whole night thinking about what he should do and finally, he concluded. But he will implement this plan only after they both complete their degrees. 

Exactly one week after his examinations were completed, Ashraf planned to meet Zoya. Zoya reaches Ashraf’s mentioned location. After that Ashraf starts talking. Look Zoya I am thinking of sending my parents to your house for a marriage proposal. Hearing Ashraf’s words, Zoya immediately got up from her seat and started shouting saying, “Are you crazy?”.

I have told you that my marriage is done with my cousin and you are saying that I will send your proposal, are you crazy? Ashraf was very upset by Zoya’s reaction and said I will send a marriage proposal, what’s wrong with that?.

Ashraf, use your mind, it is wrong if you send a proposal to my house knowing that I am already engaged. I have told you before that my parents are very dangerous people. If you send the proposal to my house, they will either kill me alive or do anything to you. Do you want me to die? Zoya started crying again. 

Zoya I didn’t mean to say this….please stop crying I just want to get married with the consent of our parents. I have already told you that my parents will never agree to our relationship, don’t you understand my point? Well then tell me if you have any solution. We both can do court marriage. This is the only solution I have.

Ashraf smiled and said that it was a good joke. Zoya starts crying again and says you find it funny that you find my life and your life funny. Zoya shouted and turned saying I am going now go marry whatever you want. Ashraf got up took her hand pulled her towards him Ashraf said holding her face in both his hands, I was joking I am ready to do court marriage with you.

Zoya smiled at Ashraf’s words and hugged him. Ashraf hugged her tightly and kissed her on the forehead. I love you Zoya, Ashraf Said!!!!! I love you More than you Zoya Replied.