Abdullah and Ayesha Love Story Part 2

The next morning at exactly 10:00 a.m. Abdullah was at the main gate of the university. He was happy but he didn’t know why he was. Abdullah began to make his way towards the Arabic department. He went and sat in the office of the HOD of the Arabic Department and within about 20 minutes his entire team was also there.

Abdullah took 1 hour to explain the project to his team and they started their work. He was now mentally relaxed as he had explained his entire project to his team. He decided that now I should talk to Ayesha. But he did not have any information related to Ayesha, so where will he find her?

He was looking for a trick to get information about Ayesha that she hit with a girl. The books in the girl’s hand fell due to the collision. Abdullah said sorry bent down and started picking up the books. As soon as he gets up after collecting the books, he sees that the same girl he was looking for is standing in front of him. Abdullah’s heart began to beat violently.

Ayesha took the books from his hand and started walking towards her class. Abdullah addressed her from behind Miss Ayesha please I want to talk to you. Ayesha stopped there and looked back at him. This was the third meeting with this guy and it couldn’t be a coincidence.

“Look what’s wrong with you sir,” Ayesha began to speak, I see that first of all, you caused my accident. And then you reached my university. And now you are trying to talk to me, tell me directly what you want. Abdullah smiled and looked at the girl who was constantly talking. 

Seeing the boy smiling, After getting irate, Ayesha repeated her question, “Mr., I’m talking to you. Would you like me to say something?” Abdullah then slowly smiled and said no, I have nothing to say to you. At this, Ayesha turned and entered her class. Abdullah continued to smile and in the meantime, he remembered her class number and left for his office. 

Abdullah had realized that it was not normal for him to smile at a girl. In 25 years of his life, he had never been so helpless in front of a girl as he had become. He could not utter a single word in front of this girl, he was just smiling at this. Am I in love with this girl? He smiled once again and left for his office. 

While sleeping at night, Abdullah had made up his mind that he would talk to his mother about Ayesha in the morning. Now he didn’t want to waste any more time and wanted to get married as soon as possible. Because now it was known that he was truly in love with Ayesha. 

The next morning at the breakfast table Abdullah addressed his mother. My dear mother, I have something to say to you. Abdullah’s mother lovingly replied, “Tell me my son.” Abdullah narrated the whole story to his mother. His mother smiled at this and said, “My son has fallen in love.” Yes, Abdullah said it with a smile.

Abdullah then told his mother the address where he had left Ayesha the first day. Abdullah’s parents visited Ayesha’s house. Aisha’s house was much smaller than Abdullah’s house and was located in a backward area. As they enter they encounter an old man. The old man was Ayesha’s father, who asked them to bring her inside after greeting them. 

Ayesha was the only sister of 4 brothers who was brought up with love. Ayesha’s father and her brothers fulfilled her every wish from her childhood. Two of her brothers were married while two brothers were younger than Ayesha. Ayesha’s mother had died, so now she used to live with her other family members. This was a short introduction to Ayesha’s family.

Abdullah’s parents were seated in the drawing room. After that, some items and tea were placed in front of them to eat. It was Abdullah’s mother who started the conversation. Abdullah’s mother said I have seen your daughter going to university many times, she is a very brave and intelligent girl. The most beautiful thing is that she remains veiled, which today’s girls don’t do at all. I like your daughter very much.

My only purpose in coming to your house is to ask for your daughter’s hands for my son. My son is a civil engineer and is running his own office, his mother said. If you want to know more about him, here is his card, you can also visit his office. I promise that my son will always make your daughter happy, and we won’t allow you to express your dissatisfaction.

Ayesha’s father simply says that our daughter is still studying and we don’t want to marry her before that. To this Abdullah’s mother replies that we have no objection to her studies, she can continue her studies even after marriage. Ayesha’s father says that it is fine, you give us one day, we will think about it and let you know. Abdallah’s father says that it will be best, to think carefully and let us know.

Abdullah’s parents return to their home. And they tell Abdullah the whole story that happened there. Abdullah now impatiently waits for a response from Ayesha’s parents. On the other hand, when Ayesha’s father tries to ask Ayesha what she wants, Ayesha only says, My dear father, as you wish. Ayesha’s father had already agreed to this relation, he just wanted to know his daughter’s wishes.

After hearing Ayesha’s answer, her father was very happy and called Abdullah’s parents and said yes to this relation. On the other hand, when Abdullah’s father heard that the relation had been approved, he immediately went and told Abdullah. Abdullah was very happy to hear this news because his love was now going to meet him. 

After about a month, they both got married. But Ayesha was completely unaware that this was the boy with whom she had an accident. When they both saw each other for the first time after the marriage, they were quite surprised. Abdullah was surprised because it was the first time he had seen Ayesha without a veil.

She was a very beautiful and delicate girl. Ayesha was surprised because she did not know that Abdullah was the boy she had met before. As soon as she saw Abdullah, tears came to her eyes and she started crying. She just said that you have cheated on me by marrying me. At this Abdullah smiled and said, Look, I did not chat with you Abdullah smiled and said, Look, I have not cheated you but I am in love with you from the first day we met. 

I tried to talk to you so many times but when it was not possible, I thought why not send my parents to your home? I have not done anything wrong with you but I have settled my relationship with you by marrying you. Do you still believe that I deceived you? At this, Ayesha smiles slightly and lowers her eyes. 

Abdullah understands the meaning of her eyes and starts laughing. So the end of Abdullah’s one-sided love turns into a two-way love between them.