A Unique Love Story of Teacher and Student Part 2 

She is disturbed all day and even after going home, she keeps thinking about it. Because Noorul Ain belonged to a religious family, she was also afraid of how her parents would react if they found out about it. On the other hand, she was also afraid that if she didn’t, Mr. Saad, who is her HOD, might do anything wrong with her.

So far Noor Al-Ain had not trusted Mr. Saad. After that, the words of Mr. Saad ul Rehman started echoing in Noorul Ain’s mind again. He said that he wanted to marry me and not have any wrong relationship. Thinking about all those things, Noor al Ain got a fever. Similarly, Noor ul Ain did not even go to the university for the past 5 days.

The next day, Noor al Ain’s mobile gets a call from an unknown number. Noor ul Ain hung up the call after which the call from the number started continuously. At Last, Noor picked up the call. As soon as Noorul Ain picks up the call,  the next person to speak is Mr. Saadul Rehman her lecturer. 

After asking how she is doing, Mr. Saad asks Noorul-Ain why she has not been to the university for the last two days. Noorul Ain tells him that she has a fever for the last two days and is very disturbed. On this, Mr. Saad consoled Noor-ul-Ain and said, “Look, Noor, you don’t need to be tensed because of me. I told you before that I will not force you.”

If you don’t want to accept my proposal, don’t do it at all, but don’t disturb your studies because of me. It would be very embarrassing for me if any of my students dropped out because of me.  Noor gets very shy and says no sir I am not doing this because of you I just had a fever which is why I was not going to university. I will start university again tomorrow.

Mr. Saadur Rahman felt quite comforted by this and hung up the phone asking him to take care of herself. It was the beginning of Noorul Ain’s third semester and in that semester Mr. Saadul Rahman did not have any lectures with her class. Noor was a little sad to know that Mr. Saad does not have any lectures with her class this semester.

She did not know why she was sad. While she didn’t love Mr. Saad, what was making her sad? Keeping all his thoughts behind, Noorul Ain started concentrating on her studies. After some time student appeared in the class and mentioned who is Noor ul Ain. He says that Mr. Haseeb is calling you to the HOD office. She was quite surprised that why did Sir Haseeb called me.

She got up and started walking towards the HOD office. His heart started pounding because HOD Office means Sir Sadhu Rehman. On reaching the office of the Head of the Department, she found out that Sir Haseeb had complained to Sir Saad about the absent students in the last whole week. 

Two or three students before Noor ul Ain who were absent Last Week were insulted by Sir Saad ul Reham. After that, it was Noor Al Ain’s turn. Mr. Haseeb asked Noorul-Ain, yes, madam, tell me why you have been absent for the last week. Noor-ul-Ain was about to say something when Mr. Saad-ul-Rahman spoke. Well, you are Noor Al-Ain whose application I received. 

Mr. Haseeb looked with questioning eyes at Mr. Saad. Mr. Saad told him that I had received a weekly application from Noor ul Ain, on which it was mentioned that she had a very high fever, I had forgotten to tell you. I’m sorry it’s my mistake that I couldn’t tell you.  Noorul Ain you can go to your class. Mr. Haseeb was quite surprised to see this style of Mr. Saad ul Rahman. 

Noor-ul-Ain started laughing as soon as the HOD came out. She was smiling thinking how HOD could do such a thing. I had not written any application to him, so should he protect me? Noor Al Ain took out her mobile and started typing a message on it, Thank you for protecting me. Mr Saad ul Rehman!!! :). After reading Noorul Ain’s message, Mr. Saad replied to him that you are welcome Princess. 

This was the day when Noor Al-Ain decided that she would accept Mr. Saad’s proposal. Before going to bed at night, Noorul Ain typed a message to Mr. Saad. Assalam Alaikum sir, I have something to talk to you about. Mr. Saad’s immediate reply to this Wasalam Yes!!!. Noor ul Ain started typing the message. 

Sir, I respect you very much, I thought a lot about it and I have concluded that I will accept your proposal. That was all she could write and she hit the send button. On the other hand, Mr. Saad received Noorul Ain’s message and read it. As soon as he read the message, Mr. Saadul Rahman was dancing happily. I know that sooner or later you will accept my proposal.

On this, Noorul Ain started typing the message again and said, “But I have one condition.”

Mr Saad: yes? 

Noor: You will not share this with anyone now and you will not send the proposal to my home until my studies are complete.

Mr Saad: But why do you want this? I want to send a proposal to your house and get married as soon as possible. 

Noor: But I don’t want that, I am your student.

Mr Saad: If you are a student then what’s wrong with that I want to marry you.

Noor: Please I request you not to do this until my studies are complete.

Mr Saad: OK OK I’ll wait another year.

Noor: Noor smiles and says thank you so much.

Mr Saad: My Pleasure Princess!!!.

Time passed and Noor had reached the last semester. During this period, they used to talk occasionally. In the last semester, Mr Saad ul Rehman had two lectures in Noorul Ain’s class. And everyone used to note that Mr. Saad ul Rehman never said anything to Noor. The entire class thought that perhaps Noor was Mr. Saad’s best and favorite student. But no one could have guessed that they both liked each other.

It was the last day of Noor ul Ain University. When Mr. Saad calls Noor Al-Ain before going to bed at night. He greeted Noor-ul-Ain and after asking her what she was doing, he came to the main topic. So Miss Noor Al Ain would you like to tell me when to send the proposal to your house?? He was asking this while smiling mischievously. At this, Noor Al-Ain started to blush while smiling. She simply replied when you want. Mr Saad replied ok then get ready I am going to send my parents to your home. After that, they talked for a long time and then both fell asleep. 

In the morning, Noorul Ain receives a message from Mr. Saad saying, “Good morning, Princes, Are you ready.” On which Noorul Ain replied to the message and said, Yes, I am ready.

Around 2:00 a.m. there is a knock at Noor’s house. Noor’s father opens the door and he is shocked to see that the person standing in front of him is his classmate. It means that they both knew each other from childhood. The guests were called in, props were placed in front of them, and Saad’s Parents arrived at the main topic. 

Saad’s father started saying that we had brought our son’s proposal for your daughter. Saad’s parents started the conversation in such a way that Noor-ul-Ain’s parents could not even guess that Saad and Noor already knew each other. Saad’s father said that my son is working as a lecturer at a university. On this, Noor-ul-Ain’s parents asked them for a day’s respite and said I want to ask my daughter what she wants.

When Saad ul Rehman’s parents went back to their home. Noor’s father called his daughter and asked her what she wanted. Noor ul Ain said to his father you can do as you see fit, I have no objection. Noor-ul-Ain’s father put his hand on his Daughter’s head and said, “Okay, now you go, I will say yes to them.”

Noorul Ain was overjoyed, as soon as she reached her room, she sent a message and told Saadul Rehman, congratulations!!!!. Your proposal has been accepted by my father. 

Mr Saad: Really?

Noor: Yes Dear Saad.

Mr Saad: I am so Happy Noor……!!!!

Noor: I am also very happy.

Their engagement ceremony was held the following month. Their wedding function was organized on December 14, 2022. Now they both have a cute little daughter whose name is  Fatima.