A Unique Love Story of Teacher and Student Part 1

Mr. Saad ur Rahman works as a lecturer at the University.  He was also the Head of the Department of Computer Science and IT Department. He was known throughout the university for his strictness and hard work. His first lecture was to the students of the first semester whose session began that year 2019. 

As the first lecture consisted of an introduction session, Mr. Saad ur Rahman started giving his introduction to the Students. After that, Mr. Saad took the introduction from all the students. Among the female students, there was one student who had fully covered herself with abaya and Nakaab. 

When the girl started giving her introduction, she said that her name is Noor ul Ain. Noor said a lot more in her introduction but Mr. Saad was just shocked by her way of talking. She spoke very sweetly. This was the first woman in his life in front of whom he was unable to speak anything. After that, Noor sat down and the rest of the students gave their introductions one by one.

After the class, Mr. Saad goes back to his office. He was thinking about this girl even though he didn’t want to. What was the uniqueness in this girl that a person who never thought about a girl was now constantly thinking about her? Emphasizing her uniqueness, she thought yes she was unique, she wore an abaya, and she didn’t let others see her.

He was forced to wonder if I had fallen in love. But how could it be that I fell in love with this girl in one day and with one look only?  But he couldn’t deny that he had been thinking about Noor ul Ain continuously as he came from class. As the HOD of the department, he had the data of all the students. 

Mr. Saad thought why not try to find out more about Noor ul Ain? Mr. Saad ul Rehman took out the educational data of Noor-ul-Ain from matric till now and started watching. So he was even more impressed to see that all the educational certificates they have from matriculation till now contain pictures of Abaya and Nikkab. This meant that she had been covering herself for a long time.

After that, Mr. Saad ul Rehman left to take his next class. When Mr. Saad ul  Rehman plans to go home after university time is over, he sees that. Noor ul Ain is sitting near the university gate and is crying continuously. Mr Saad came close to Noor and asked her why you are sitting there for so long and why you are crying. 

Noorul Ain started crying again and said, “Sir, my father was admitted to the hospital. I have been trying for a long time to take a rickshaw to the hospital but there is no rickshaw driver near the university yet. I don’t have any brother to pick me up from here and now I am worried about how will I go to the hospital.

When Mr. Saad saw Noorul Ain crying, he could not control himself and immediately asked in which hospital your father was admitted. When Noor Al-Ain told the address of the hospital, Mr Saad said, “Okay, I will drop you there and come with me.” On this Noor Al Ain looked at Mr. Saad quite surprised and started crying again.

Mr. Saad wondered what I had said and she started crying again. Looking at Noorul Ain, Mr. Saad said again that you should stop crying first. Secondly, you can believe me, I will drop you off at the hospital with your father. 

On this Noor Al-Ain wiped the tears from her eyes and walked with him to his car. After about 25 minutes of driving, both of them were standing outside the hospital. Noor ul Ain thanked Mr. Saadul Rehman Thanku Sir!!! and after saying this she entered the hospital. Sir!!!! What did this girl say to me??? Mr. Saad smiled and thought that I am a teacher.

The next morning, during class, Mr. Saad ul Rahman directly asked Noor Al Ain how her father was doing.The entire class was quite surprised to see Mr Saad and Noorul Ain. Noor ul  Ain could only reply that yes sir, my father is fine now. 

The girl sitting next to Noor named Ayesha, who was also her friend, asked, “How did Sir know that your father is ill?” Noor-ul-Ain very politely told the whole incident to Ayesha. Ayesha was satisfied and started waiting to take her next class. 

Time passed and Noorul Ain’s first semester ended. When the second semester started, the entire class was surprised that this time Mr. Saad ul Rehman had not one but three lectures with his class. Already the whole class used to hate Mr. Saad ul  Rehman because he was very strict. And now there was an uproar in the whole class as there were three lectures at once. 

This did not happen by chance at all, but it was Mr. Saad ul Rehman who deliberately gave his three lectures in Noorul Ain’s class. Slowly the entire class started to notice that Mr. Saad never takes a presentation from Noo rul Ain or gives her any punishment.

On the last day of the second semester, Mr. Saad-ul-Rahman called Noor-ul-Ain to his office. Mr. Saad had decided to speak directly to Noor Al-Ain instead of making a round of the conversation. As soon as Noor Al-Ain entered the office, Mr. Saad motioned her to sit down. Noor Al-Ain asked as he sat down why did you invite me to your office, do I have any complaints?

Mr. Saad smiled after listening to her and said, “No, there is no complaint. I just want to talk to you.”. After that, Mr. Saad started talking and said, Look, Noor Al-Ain, I respect you a lot and I have invited you to my office because I want to send a proposal to your home. I don’t believe in a futile relationship at all, so I want to marry you.

As quickly as he heard Mr. Saad-ul-Rehman’s comments, Noor-ul-Ain’s hands and feet began to tremble. Noor ul Ain could not speak, and tears started flowing from her eyes. All she could say was, Sir, what are you saying, it can’t be. When Mr. Saad saw Noorul Ain crying, he told her please stop crying, I will not force you.

He said I love you and have called you here only to know your consent. Please think about it calmly, I am in no rush, so think about it and let me know your decision. I will respect whatever decision you make. After that Noor ul Ain goes back to her class.

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