A Beautiful Journey of Friendship Towards Love | Call Center Job


This is 2016 when Anjali and Akshay went for a job interview at the same call center. There is no doubt that this was Anjali and Akshay’s first meeting and they did not know each other before that. As soon as the interview for the call center job started, the first number was Anjali’s. As soon as Anjali came out of the interview she was beaming with pride as she had cleared the interview. 

After that, all the people were interviewed one by one and the sixth number was Akshay. When Akshay came out, he had a smile on his face which meant that he had cleared the interview as well. There was no communication between the two before and after the interview. 

The next day both were going to start their first day of work. On the first day of the job, the call center manager introduced Anjali and Akshay to the rest of the team. The manager then explained their work to both of them and went back to his office. Both Anjali and Akshay got busy with their work and a month passed like this. Both of them used to do their daily work and go back home. 

Thus, a payment slip was issued to both of them at the end of the month. Being new members, both were given pay slips based on their work experience. But both were prohibited from sharing their payment slip. Akshay was quite curious when he was told that he would not show Anjali his payment slip.

But Akshay had decided that he would ask Anjali how much of the first salary she had received. Akshay goes to Anjali’s counter and asks her. Miss Anjali if you don’t mind I want to see your payment slip. Anjali was quite surprised to see Akshay and held her payment slip to him. Anjali could not even notice that she was forbidden by the manager not to share her pay slip with anyone.

Akshay sees the payment slip and starts laughing. Anjali looks at Akshay very surprised and asks Akshay why are you laughing? On this, Akshay shows his payment slip to Anjali and asks that you are a girl, maybe that’s why you are being paid more. Anjali also started smiling at this and said look Akshay I have more experience than you because I have worked in a call center before.

Akshay started laughing loudly after hearing Anjali’s words and at the same time turned back saying you don’t take tension, I was joking. Anjali shrugged her shoulders and wondered what kind of boy it was. Both of them were again busy with their work. 

The next morning was Sunday and they had work off due to which they were both at their homes. While having breakfast, Anjali sees a new number flashing on her WhatsApp with a message typed Hi Anjali. Anjali is quite surprised and asks him who are you?  In response to this message, Akshay tells Anjali that he took Anjali’s number from the team group earlier this morning. At the same time, he records and sends a voice message in which he says that if you feel bad, I will not message you.

In response to his message, Anjali just smiles and says Akshay, you have already messaged me. 

Anjali further says see we both are colleagues and there is nothing wrong if you message me or I message you. In this way, a normal conversation starts between the two. Similarly, they talk for three to four months and a strong bond of friendship is established between them. Their friendship was growing so strong that one day Akshay dropped his call and the manager gave him a penalty.

Akshay and the manager have a heated argument after which the manager forces him to quit the job. Akshay had also thought that he would not continue this job under any condition. He left the office very angry and sat down in a coffee shop. After about fifteen minutes, he saw Anjali sitting next to him. 

Anjali says Akshay, you have not even thought about me, what will I do if you leave my job?. Akshay looked at Anjali and said sorry yarr!!!, I was very angry, what should I do, the manager also started an argument. But what are you doing here Akshay asks Anjali. 

On this, Anjali smiled and said that I had slapped my and your letter of resignation on the manager’s face. Akshay is very surprised to hear this from Anjali and asks why you left your job. Anjali takes Akshay’s hand in hers and says I can’t work where my friend has no respect. Anjali takes Akshay’s hand in hers and says I can’t work where my friend has no respect.

After that, Akshay and Anjali sat in that coffee shop and talked till late night. Anjali and Akshay had decided that they would now both work in the same office. That’s why they both planned to give an interview at a new call center the next morning. The biggest joy was that both of them cleared the interview and got the job. 

Akshay and Angeli’s love begins with this new job. They both came together, had lunch together, and even went back home together. Both liked each other but did not dare to accept or propose. And then one night Akshay mustered up a lot of courage and messaged Anjali. He could only write in his message that Anjali I love you and want to marry you. Akshay wrote this message 10 times and deleted it 10 times but after writing it for the eleventh time he had sent it.

As soon as Anjali read Akshay’s message, she danced with joy because she wanted the same. Anjali thought why not tease Akshay a little bit? Anjali wrote in the message, Akshay, I love someone else, so I can’t marry you. After reading Anjali’s message, Akshay was shocked and started to cry. In response to Anjali’s message, he simply wrote Anjali, you like someone else, so you never told me till now, even though we have such a good friendship.

After reading Akshay’s message Anjali smiles again and says!!! look Akshay I loved someone else. I was about to tell you but before that, you proposed to me. Akshay did not respond to this and switched off his mobile. On the other hand, when Anjali did not receive any message from Akshay, she was quite nervous. She was repeatedly calling Akshay’s but his mobile kept switching off.

Anjali was very upset and decided that she would go to Akshay’s house and tell him the whole truth. Anjali takes a bouquet of roses and goes straight to Akshay’s house. Anjali rings the bell and after about 5 minutes Akshay opens the door. Anjali hides the bouquet of roses and asks him why you switched off your mobile. 

Akshay replies that his mobile battery is dead due to which his mobile is turned off. Anjali had seen Akshay’s red eyes which meant that he had been crying since then. Anjali then takes Akshay by the hand and makes him sit on the sofa. Now Anjali had made up her mind that she would not bother Akshay anymore.

She puts a bouquet of roses in front of Akshay and tells him Akshay I love you and I also want to marry you. I was just teasing you and wanted to see what you would do if I didn’t accept your proposal. Hearing Anjali’s words and seeing the bouquet of roses, Akshay is shocked and starts crying again.

Anjali starts laughing at this and says, Akshay!!! I was joking with you but I love you yarr…….now please stop crying. Akshay also starts smiling at Anjali’s words and hugs her.